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Q.  How can I change my e-mail account password?

1. Print this page first for easy reference.
2. Using your web browser, go to the web interface at: or
3. Enter your complete e-mail address in the User ID field.
4. Enter your password in the Password field (enter "password" (no quotes) if you do not have a POP account). Click the "Login" button:

5. Select the "Settings" icon from the toolbar on the top of the SmarterMail screen.
My Today Page
6. Select "Account Settings" from the lefthand panel. In the main panel select the "User" tab. Type your current password, then type your New Password and Confirm your New Password. When completed, press the Save icon above the user tab to save your new settings.

7. If you download your email to your local computer, remember when you change this password you must also change your email program's account settings password on your local computer as well. See the FAQ " How do I create and manage my E-Mail Accounts? "
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