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Q.  How can I add a new user account?

1. Print this page first for easy reference.
2. Using your web browser, go to the web interface at: or 
3. Enter your admin address (admin@ - you must be the domain administrator to add new users.
4. Enter your admin password in the Password field. Click the "Login" button:

5. From the top tool bar, select the Settings icon to add a new user.

6.Open the Domain Settings folder and select Users. From the right hand panel's toolbar you can create new users, modify the account settings for the user, or delete users.

7. Select New from the toolbar above the right hand pane.

7. Enter the username and password.
8. Select the permissions you wish to give the user.
9. Change the mailbox size to the recommended 25MB per mailbox. When downloading your email to your local computer 25MB is ample room for most users. This way your entire domain won't run over the space limit by allocating too much storage space for each user.


7. Click on Save when you've finished to save these entries.
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