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Q.  How can I change a user's e-mail account forwarding address?

Forwarding e-mail modifications can be made either by the user, or the Host Administrator.

HOST ADMINISTRATOR: The Host Administrator will follow the instructions to add an email account (Adding a new email account) to access the list of user accounts.
1. Login as
2. Select Settings from the toolbar
3. Select Domain Settings from the lefthand pane
4. Select Users from the lefthand pane
5. Select the user you wish to forward from the user pane
6. Select Edit from the user pane toolbar
7. Select the Forwarding tab and enter the email address you wish to forward the email to.
8. Select "Delete after forwarding" checkbox

For screenshots refer the link above for addin a new email account to locate the list of users, and the user forwarding instructions in the link below for specific forwarding screenshots.

How can I change my e-mail forwarding address?
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