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Q.  Training your email service for spam management?

If you are using an application like Outlook or AppleMail for your emails any actions you take on spam management using these applications only helps the application understand your email environment.  The server does not receive any of this information for future reference on classifying your emails into spam.

Below is what we would recommend for you to do to train your email server to better classify if an email is spam or not:

1. When you receive an email in your Inbox where the first part of the Subject line reads “Spam?” and the email is actually not spam, please login to your email account through webmail.  Check mark those emails in your Inbox that are not spam with the preface in the subject line “Spam?”, and then click on Actions -> Mark -> Not Spam.  For this exercise, ignore emails that show “RE: Spam? ..” at the beginning of the subject line as these are forwarded emails.

2. Visit the Junk-Email folder on the server once in a while and look for legitimate emails that have been miscategorized.  Checkmark all of these emails and click on Actions -> Mark -> Not Spam

3. In webmail, login to your account and  go to Settings -> Trusted Senders and enter all email addresses for your trusted senders.  You don’t have to enter local email addresses within your domain as they are trusted by default.

Once you do this for a few weeks, the server will be “trained” to better understand your email environment and learn to accurately categorize your emails in the future.  You must do all of these actions when logged in on webmail as doing the same using Outlook or AppleMail will have no effect on the server.

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